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iDeal is a Dutch standard for making online payments. That is why iDeal is our standard payment method. Via iDeal you can select your own bank and pay with the method your bank has available, such as through the app, website or the banks QR-code.


A (SEPA) bank transfer is the most common payment method. Everyone who has access to online banking has the option to pay this way. If you choose for a bank transfer, you will see a screen with a payment request with a unique payment reference. Next you can directly log in to your own familiar banking environment to transfer the amount, or you can choose to have the request sent to your e-mail and pay later. If you choose the e-mail method, you can still choose here to pay through another payment method.


PayPal is the most widely known online wallet, which makes it possible to receive global payments. You can pay with PayPal using your credit card, bank account or Pay PayPal balance. You can also pay through your telephone or tablet without having to provide your bank and credit card data.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is Apple’s own payment method, available in more than 35 countries for all Apple users. It makes use of the Wallet in which the user places his payment cards. Therefore the actual payment method depends on the cards places in the Wallet.

This payment method is only available for Apple devices.