I did it….

I took the challenge, and it looks like it is paying off.

Already early in my high school years I became interested in corporate business, and in the commercial field, hence my first study for Branche Manager International Wholesaling Operation. During my studies, in January 2012,  I got an internship at TriStar Industries , a family-based manufacturer of cleaning products, that just moved from Breda to Roosendaal.

I ended up in the commercial office staff, the voice and the face of TriStar, and I quickly learned to interact with our customers, to work with the TriStar ordering system, and to support the colleagues from our Sales Department. I finished my studies and almost immediately continued with a higher education course in Management Economics and Law.

Thus armed with a lot of theoretical knowledge I returned to TriStar, to put it into practice, at first again in the commercial office staff, and this time with the unwavering goal to get my career off the ground. In 2017 I made my first step, and joined the ranks of our sales representatives as a junior. I can tell you that a world of possibilities opened up for me. I started learning about the ins and outs of our products, our market and sales- and account plans. I felt and still feel like a fish in the water. So when recently I got the chance to move towards the position of senior sales rep I literally jumped at the opportunity. I am involved in foreign projects and I am looking forward to meeting new customers, especially in the industry and facilities.

TriStar is a challenging, vibrating and social environment, that requires your complete commitment and involvement, and at the same time provides you with unbounded opportunities for learning and development. I am glad and proud to be able to contribute to the success of this company by always trying to be one step ahead of my customers wishes, and by not only meeting those wishes, but by exceeding them.

So I took the challenge, and I feel I am well on my way!