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My name is Jessica Verwater, I was born in The Netherlands and lived on the Island of Crete-Greece for a number of years. Somewhere on my way back home I took the challenge at Tristar Industries.

In The Netherlands I started working at a very young age. As a 4 year old I already worked in the local markets, alongside my grandparents & parents, outside on hot summer days, and also on freezing cold winter days. We sold all kinds of products, from curtains to underwear. You name it!

Over the years I finished my studies in retail and within the catering industry. Armed with that knowledge I worked in the catering industry for a short time in the Netherlands, and then moved to Greece. For several years I even had my own, very successful, business there.

After many years of living the good life in Crete, I made my way back to the Netherlands and started working in the catering industry again. During this time I met a lot of interesting people, and I got in touch with a few staff members of Tristar Industries.

After a short while they offered me a job! However excited I was, this offer pushed me right out of my comfort zone. It took me some time to take the challenge but in the end I took it gleefully!

I started as an employee in our tele-sales department and as an account manager in the sales department. Soon I felt that account managing is the direction that appeals most to me, because I’m competitive and a people person, and I am enjoying it to the fullest!

Within our company I love the energy, the creativity, the plans, the positive madness that arises sometimes, the enthusiasm of my co-workers and our feeling of togetherness. I feel blessed to be a part of the successful expansion of Tristar Industries as they’re taking challenges day by day.

I took the challenge, are you taking yours as well?!