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Life is full of opportunities – the challenge of Sjoerd

As a high school dropout I worked in a bar for several years. For a while I didn’t know what would be the next step, the next chapter in my life, until I took the challenge at TriStar Industries. And this changed everything.

During my studies at the HZ University of Applied Sciences I soon realised that I made the wrong choice. At the same time I had a job in catering, and loved everything about it! I worked as a waiter, as a bartender and I even spent some time in the kitchen. So when I decided to quit school, the most logical step for me was to start my fulltime career in catering.

And so I did! This was one of the best learning experiences for me, and largely contributed to the person I am today. Growing up from being shy and insecure to having a clear vision for the future and knowing exactly what I need to do to achieve this.

In the bar where I worked I met some TriStar employees, and besides the regular chitchat they asked me what I wanted in life, and If I wanted to look further then my current work. They offered me an internship in their financial department, and from the first moment on I was very confident that I wanted it, so I said yes.

This was the start of the busiest period I ever had in my life. I worked at Tristar for two full days and behind the bar for five to six nights. After six months the internship turned into a job for two days and grew in one year to five days a week. Still my other job wasn’t finished yet. It took me almost two years before I could devote myself exclusively to TriStar.

All the hard work paid off in the end and I got myself a job with endless possibilities. I even went back to School to get my Bachelor in Finance & Control at Avans University of Applies Sciences. Life is and will always be full of challenges, I see them more as opportunities and I want to seize them all.