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Regular cleaning products are not always environmentally friendly and user-friendly. Fortunately, a new generation of detergents is emerging in the form of probiotic products.

Probiotics consist of a sophisticated mix of safe and readily degradable surfactants in combination with benign biological components: bacterial spores. Influenced by water, these spores become active and produce enzymes that break down contaminants such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates easily – and with a long-term result – breaking down.

In this context, as TriStar Industries Group we proudly introduce our Sani Special P. This product is one of our sustainable probiotic cleaning products. The product ensures a direct, long-lasting and shiny result when cleaning sanitary rooms, and also prevents limescale.

In addition to pollution, the enzymes also absorb unpleasant odors, so that the sanitary areas are not only clean, but also smell particularly fresh. Sani Special P is therefore also the solution against unwanted odors.

And last but not least, Sani Special P is environmentally friendly, very safe to use and has no hazard symbols.

By using probiotics in this way we can clean in a sustainable and safe way, with a long-lasting clean and fresh effect.