It is a widespread idea that washing hands with hot water has much more effect than washing with cold water.

However, a study by Rutger University in the US shows that when washing hands with soap and water at 15 ° C, as many bacteria are killed as when washing with soap and water from 38 ° C or warmer.
Hand hygiene is essential to prevent the transfer of bacteria through the hands. Washing with warm water is more comfortable, so people are probably more prepared to wash their hands. But hot water is therefore not necessary. Sometimes there is no water and soap available. The research also shows that in that case hand disinfectants based on alcohol work equally effectively against microbial contamination such as water and soap.
The mechanical friction, so rubbing hands well during cleaning, may well be the most important factor in hand hygiene.
The hand washing and disinfection agents from TriStar fit well with these observations. TriStar has a range of skin-friendly hand soaps that are free of Triclosan and parabens. TriStar also has a number of effective hand sanitizers, both liquid and gel-based.
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